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With excellence in the business, we supply the finest industrial products like Gas Separation Catalysts and Adsorbents, Industrial Gas, PSA-Carbon Monoxide Plant, PSA-O2 Plant, VPSA Oxygen Plant, etc. 

Beijing Peking University Pioneer Technology Corporation Ltd., is engaged in manufacturing and supplying various absorbent and PSA technology products and components, Efficient CO Absorbent, BFG To Carbon Monoxide Gas Purification, Industrial Gas, PSA-Carbon Monoxide Plant, PSA-O2 Plant, VPSA Oxygen Plant, etc. We provide mature gas separation solutions to various industries and factories. Up until today, we have manufactured and supplied more than 300 medium and large-scale equipment whose performance matches international standards. Our products are known for their robust construction, accurate designs, corrosion resistance surface, etc. 

We have completed more than 300 sets of projects, have more than 15 invention patents, and have constructed oxygen plants with a total capacity of more than 36 million Nm3/d. Our strong market presence and professional work ethic have helped us gain many clients over the years. Owing to our quality products, we have created a niche for ourselves in the market as one of the leading suppliers of the above-mentioned products. 

Our Infrastructure 

The infrastructure of our company is well-built and robustly designed. It is very capacious and systematically divided into various departments such as research, design, manufacturing, testing, packaging, and administration to ensure that every project is completed systematically and effectively. Our manufacturing unit is well-equipped with the latest tools and technologies for manufacturing such products. We also have all the necessary machines needed for the testing of such products. Our warehouse area is spacious which allows us to store our products safely. 

Why Choose Us?

We provide superior quality products to our customers such as BFG To Carbon Monoxide Gas Purification, Efficient CO Absorbent, Industrial Gas, PSA-O2 Plant, VPSA Oxygen Plant, PSA-Carbon Monoxide Plant, etc. Apart from that listed below are a few other reasons why you should do business with us-

  • We provide excellent quality products to our customers.
  • We have a sound technical setup that helps us manufacture the best quality products. 
  • Our technically sound workforce helps us be one step ahead of our competitors.
  • We ensure on-time deliveries of our products.
  • Our products are available at competitive prices in the market.
  • We offer competent after-sales service to our clients. 

Research and Development 

We have a huge research and development department which is run by some of our highly skilled experts. They study the latest market trends and requirements, conduct various research and manufacture our products accordingly. Our company also invests a lot in the research and development field which keeps us one step ahead of our competitors and stands us apart from everyone else.

Hot Products

Gas Separation Catalysts and Adsorbents
Gas Separation Catalysts and Adsorbents
PSA-CO and H2 Purification Plant
PSA-CO and H2 Purification Plant
VPSA Industrial Oxygen Plant/Unit
VPSA Industrial Oxygen Plant/Unit
PSA Industrial Oxygen Generator/System
PSA Industrial Oxygen Generator/System